Felix Kellberg, YouTube phenomenon in Sweden, known as PewDiePie, earns about $ 4 million a year in sales of advertisements, according to the information on this online Star quoted in Wall Street Journal. Much of the income Kellberga, reportedly a direct profits from more than 27.8 million. Subscribers his channel on YouTube. Last year, the channel has become the most Kellberga viewed on-line video service of Google, surpassing such Internet sensation as Miley Cyrus and «One Direction». Since last July Kellberg has tripled the number of its subscribers.

Kellberg is best known for the uploading of video clips in which he plays video games, telling about them to the audience. Its channel Kellberg opened in August of 2009.

PewDiePie — is a partner as well as a leading brand name Maker studios, which have been purchased by Walt Disney during the March transaction, the amount of which was close to a billion of $. Kellberg said that the video, which he does, encourage developers to create games such to which the other would be a pleasure to watch.

“It’s great to have such an impact, but at the same time it’s a little scary,” said Kellberg. He went to school in the city of Gothenburg in Sweden, but dropped it and began selling hot dogs to earn. The very first title of his account on YouTube was PewDie. The word is a combination of sound “pew” that resembles the sound of a shot from the laser gun. But after losing the password of his account Kellberg needed a new name, because at the end of its previous name, he decided to add the word “pie”. His most popular video, called “Funny montage”, received more than 51 million views, it has been downloaded on the 4th June 2013.

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