Greet Autumn with Love

Maria Grace
Oct 20 · 3 min read

After the warmth and playfulness of Summer, the wheel continues to turn. The fields shimmer gold and the leaves blush a crimson red on their wind-kissed cheeks. The nights are getting darker, and the air is getting colder. Honeysuckle, lavender and rose are replaced with burning firewood, and although there’s a certain comfort to this, part of us still longs for those lazy summer nights, with the scent of flowers wafting through the air, like Mother Nature’s perfume.

Autumn is a Mother. She visits with comfort, change, and an opportunity to gather our thoughts and feelings, the same way as we would gather crops. If we pay attention to the winds of change, as one season blends into another, we realise that we too, are in gentle transition. Autumn is not just the end of a season, but also the beginning of another.

Let us take time to sit with ourselves and think about what it is that we wish to harvest as we move forward? What are we grateful for, and what did we learn from the lighter promises of Spring and Summer? What experiences lit us up? And what are we now ready to let go of as we leave those seasons behind? What is ‘falling’ away? Autumn lovingly encourages us to reflect on these things as we snuggle up and get ready to move into the next season of our lives. And with this quiet contemplation, she asks us for a change of pace — to slow down, go within, and simply rest.

Nature is our greatest teacher, and she is always showing us the way, whether we recognise it or not. And just like Nature, we too have our own inner seasons, cycles and rhythms which need to be honoured. We are so busy doing, doing, doing, that we ignore our natural need for rest. All of life needs the nurturing, rest and incubation of Autumn and Winter — time beneath the surface to sleep, heal and breathe itself back once again to the newness, freshness and fullness of Spring and Summer.

Just like the flower closes after it blooms, we too must learn how to surrender and do this. The tree grows abundantly and births new life each year, and it also knows how to let its fruit and leaves fall gently to the ground, without resistance. It understands that nothing can bloom all year round. Everything needs time to rest and heal, to sleep and dream. Because in the quiet, stillness and darkness of sleep, lies a life-form of its own, at peace with the beauty and simplicity of just being.

So, please… Greet Autumn with Love. She deserves the welcoming embrace that we give so freely to Spring and Summer. Let us not shy away or be afraid when she comes knocking on our doors. Instead, let’s put on our favourite pyjamas, make a nice cup of tea, open our doors and our hearts, and let Her in.

May you all have the warmest, deepest, most snuggly Autumn ❤

Maria Grace

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