Reward yourself: Get a cake or your favorite food, go to the cine or invite some friends, or get a gift for yourself for a job well done. Just as you want to treat others well because you believe it’s what they deserve for their effort, treat yourself…

Sometimes you can’t stopped being lazy, right?

Source: Dreamstime

“You might lack of passion for your job”, maybe but not the real reason.

“An overwhelming to-do list?” Yeah, but it includes doing laundry and I could start there ‘cause it’s easy but still.

So, how do we actually start the…

Disney’s live-action remake about a young woman warrior goes heavy on gravitas, at the expense of playful interiority.

The animated Mulan, released in 1998, felt daring by Disney’s predictable storytelling standards at the time. It has a simpler, starker animation style that remains striking, and a warrior protagonist who does…

This month was particularly difficult as I had final exams till the 22nd day of the month (although most of them in the first half) and the other half brought a new job, routine and a series of anniversaries: My birthday, my brother’s birthday, my first year in Chile, nostalgic…

Maria Gracia Sotelo

Writer on investments, trading, stocks, financial education, self-education and self-improvement. Might write some quirky articles for educational purposes.

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