Disney’s live-action remake about a young woman warrior goes heavy on gravitas, at the expense of playful interiority.

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The animated Mulan, released in 1998, felt daring by Disney’s predictable storytelling standards at the time. It has a simpler, starker animation style that remains striking, and a warrior protagonist who does not belong to nobility (Mulan remains the only Disney princess who is not a princess at all). …

In 2020, having a child seems to be the ultimate status symbol.

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Embedded in our nature, having a child is seen as part of life fulfillment. There is definitely an evolutionary fulfillment since you are replacing yourself in this world in a way, but whether it is a life fulfillment is debatable nowadays, especially with the rising popularity and acceptance of childlessness.

Images of the American family ideal come to our minds when we talk about children. It makes sense to have two kids – you have created your replacements, your biological imperative is done.

And everything around encourages it, even if subtly– your car size is designed for four, accommodation packages are better for four, even travel seems to better cater for this family size. …

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Time restricted eating, much like any other type of intermittent fasting, is getting much of a hype lately. In fact, since I can remember my mother would always say that eating at night causes weight gain. I confirmed it when I turned sixteen and started trying to lose a couple pounds.

What I found out at the time, though, was that if I skipped dinner and tried to eat my heaviest food load in the morning, I’d lose even more weight (or at the very least keep it off), regardless of what I was eating.

So I packed on the cake, bagels, chocolate, French fries and all the unhealthy food you could ever think of in the morning. Now I’m not endorsing that, obviously, mainly becauseI that’s eating empty calories and unhealthy in general but I could confirm…


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