IA#9: Deriving Meaning

Duyan- Nestor Leynes 1975
Children are of great importance in family-oriented Philippine culture.The role of mother is probably the most important role a Filipina will assume in the course of her life. Since the mother is in charge of household matters and responsibility of the children lies mainly with her , she is in a position of power.
All Bunched Up in Boxes by Romina Diaz
This is so sad. Imagine waking up in a strange place every single day. It could be a shelter, a public bathroom, a park, a playground, some public bleachers, an abandoned building, or maybe on a bench if none of the others are available. You get up and put your backpack on or pick up whatever bag you have to carry your stuff in, and you just start walking. You don’t really have anywhere special to go, but you just want people to think you do, so you just walk around the neighborhood minding your own business.
Ganap by Project EDSA Team
EDSA artwork confronts the daily chaos of EDSA with a vision of the symmetry at the heart of all things. The Social Realist Jose Tence Ruiz has painted the San Lorenzo Village wall with arresting marine fractal forms inspired by the work of the naturalist Ernst Haeckel.
In conceptualizing the artwork Tence Ruiz had to answer a number of questions. “How do we make something that might catch attention on Edsa? How do we compete with the huge billboards and their straight-to-the-crotch approach? In the first place, who is our audience?”
The artist decided to address Metro Manila’s commuters, the people who ride the bus every day. They travel more slowly down the highway and have time to take in their surroundings.
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