Midterm Project ( 3T AY2016–2016)

Metropolitan Museum of Manila

  1. TAPAS: Spanish Design for Food
  • It is organized by Accion Cultural Espanola (AC/E), it provides a rich panorama of the most recent Spanish design as applied to cuisine. It is like a creative taster menu of “tapas” from all the fields in which design plays a role in the act of eating.

  • When we enter the museum this is the first thing that welcomed us.
Mga Modelong Plastik ng mga pagkain ng Elbuli or elBuli plasticine models

In elBuli ensures that the consumptions on the plate were always the same, the plate’s contents were modeled in plasticine in different shapes and colors. The photo shows a shows called Semilla (seeds) with its model in plasticine.

Siete Pecados Capitales

The Seven Deadly Sins, An aphrodisiac version of the Tower of Babel.

2. The Philippine Contemporary

I love this painting, that’s why I sneak a picture of this.

  1. Nona Garcia- Nothing Ever Happens Here

What does the middling middle-class life look like? It is a sala stuck in the seventies with only a TV for company. Discarded “hobbies” lie pointlessly in one pile. Man is but a ghost of himself, his presence hardly missed.

2) Kawayan de Guia- Lilindol Muna bago puputok

ITS AN OLD JUKEBOX AND STILL WORKING, This exhibit caught my attention, I was so amazed because it’s my first time to see a jukebox that plays tagalog songs. The design was pretty peculiar because there’s a combination of modern and cultural art in the exhibit.

3) Charles Buenconsejo- Just like a Sea of Mirrors

Parang puso ko durog joke!

3) Gold and Pottery

We weren’t able to come and check the Pre-Hispanic Gold and Pottery Exhibit because it was unavailable.

4)I actually enjoyed Metropolitan Museum more. Sometimes you need to see the momentos from the past to realize how amazing our forefathers were. I am truly impressed at how civilized the Filipinos before the Spanish came! Truly amazing! I love all the Paintings.

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