Post Grad….now what

Well it is officially July 8th 2015. The status of my academic enrollment has changed form candidate to graduate. There is this little tab in my universities online student portal which reflects this new point in my life. I have worked really hard for the past 6 years; all leading up to that small but very significant change.

Yesterday I received information form my college alumni news letter. This is all to fucking real.

It has been now 53 days since I graduated college and I still have no idea of what I going to do. Scratch that, I do know,what I want. It’s the doing part I’m finding difficult to pin down.

I’m not a writer I take photos. I’m a photographer. But I was told to keep busy and the right career move will fall into place but this fucking sucks. And these are not ground breaking ideas. I am not the only post-grad dealing with the realities of life.

I work at a call center. Not ideal, but it pays rent. My car is literally falling apart, my love life is non-existent and most of my time spent is wallowing. I feel like I am supposed to be living and doing so much more. And honesty I sound sad but I’m not, I’m happy. I’m just board. I want to spend my days in a project pursuing my life’s passion, not at a job I dislike. Slowly I realized its not that simple.

I think I missed the switch. The moment one is supposed to have when they go from child to adult. Like I was supposed to have my shit together by now; at the very least I wanted to have a car payment

I envy the kids that can live at home and sort of just bum around finding themselves.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this. I think because I’ve been sitting at my desk staring at the ceiling too long or maybe my creatively needs an out let before I explode. I need to express and feel and think… I need to release…

I’m post-grad so yeah… now what