LED Lightbulbs

Personal Selection:

The LED Lightbulb lights up the room while also looks pleasing to the eye when not covered. Most importantly, and part of the reason it’s called the “magic one”, is the amount of energy it saves unlike other lightbulbs.


It was invented by Nick Holonyak, Jr. However, he was not trying to make a more energy conserving light bulb, but rather a laser! Once he made it he knew it could replace the way we illuminate our world, and he was right but it took longer than he ever intended, 50 years to be exact. At first they cost almost $260 each, but today you can get them for the almost the same price than the incandesants they've replaced.

Function and Purpose:

In the long run they cost less than the incandesents with their lifespan and the money they save on energy bills. Plus, it creates a much more natural light than others used. Its less harsh, and illuminates the world in a clearer way.


This product is used by most anyone who has regular access to electricity, it can light up your room, your house, your car lights, to traffic lights and watches. Just about anything, anywhere.

Materials and Production:

LED bulbs are made with many small layers of different kinds semi conductor materials that when layered in the right order generates light and then connected to wires to conduct the electricity to and from the light.