Before We Hang ’Em High, Can We Convict First?
Rob Hahn

What a load of crock, Henry. A conspiracy to take them down? Really? Or as a man, are you afraid to admit that discussions like this are rampant amongst the males in our industry, are you one of them? So quick to defend the accused and trash the victims? I never find joy in seeing others have their lives ruined, but this is long over due for Nick Baldwin. That man has been smearing the names of many in our industry, lying to make a profit off the agents in the group, and a plethora of crap. I know someone personally that he banned from the group and spread vicious lies about her because she refused to pay them an obnoxious amount of money to mention her new company to the group. I can’t speak personally for the other two, but for Nick, well karma is a beautiful thing. Nick, if you are reading this, people have been talking about you for at least a year to my knowledge of how you are a self centered ass, and I am glad your day of judgement has come.

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