AYS Special Report
Are You Syrious?

Sadly innacurate. To start, the food has been one of everyone’s main fights since the beginning. We got spoiled food a total of 3 times since the camped opened (not 4 times in one week). Of course that still is not at all acceptable. However, on the day with spoiled food, a new meal was bought on the camp manager’s orders at a local restaurant and delivered to every tent and room. We recognize and try to fight the poor quality and lack of diversety of the meals the Air Force-paid catering company provides. To supplement the main catering, Do You Part provides weekly deliveries of fresh produce, among other consumable items. Despite not having WiFi yet (which is currently being installed, as well as a fully equipped computer lab for the entire camp), the majority of residents have received top-ups for their phones from Do Your Part and the other NGOs on site. The trash cans are emptied when full and all the garbage inside them is taken away. Our camp emphasizes and encourages residents to take responsibility for the cleaning of all trash in the halls and around the camp. We liken this to the way anyone would keep their own home clean. Since this is their new "home", we expect the same. Lastly, we have had a sudden influx of 300 residents in two weeks. All the NGOs on site have been working tirelessly to accommodate the new needs.

It would have been best for AYS to come straight to the source rather than walking through the camp unannounced. There are two sides to every issue and what has been presented in this article is sadly biased. The refugee crisis is a complex, multifaceted issue that deserves to be reported accurately and honestly. I wished the reports had talked to some of the NGOs and volunteers and got a two sided full perception of what is happening instead of only doing a list of complaints and requests. For a place to feel like home, everyone needs to work to make it so, some say "home is where your heart is" I think home is where you put your heart into.

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