Ready or not…. Vamanos amigos

by Mariah Fisher

What is language? Where does it start? The way we speak with the accents each one of us has one that makes us who we become and who we are as a person.

In the beginning of my life I was exposed to English and Spanish at an early age. I have struggled with speaking Spanish my whole life with not being comfortable and confident. I feel like I am constantly being judged. Being exposed to the different types of people you meet comes with different judgments. Some that are accepting and some that aren’t. People who are genuine nice and some who are nasty rude. Have you ever been told to talk in English because one person can’t understand you… Voy a decir algo pa ese gente. No es mi problema, Soy quien soy y no voy a cambir para nadien!

In the reading I connected with the most was Amy Tan. I have been on her shoe’s multiple times. Being constantly seeing people act like they are better then someone. We are equal and my people deserve the same respect. Why is it that we are thought of being less? We breath the same air. I remember my grandpa telling me a story when he first came to the states. He traveled began from a small town called coyame. When he came to Denver Colorado, he had a job working in construction and was being ask to grab a shovel. He did not understand and you know what they did… he got something thrown at him. Who in their right mind find’s that to be okay. Me and my sister like listening to Mexican music and we were jamming out very loud in the truck and some white people next to us said to “turn off that garbage off you F**king wetbacks”.. When we turned down the music looked straight at them and asked what did you say their response was oh I’m sorry I didn’t know you spoke English why is that a factor on how or what can say to me. As people get shocked if you can respond to their nonsense of comments. If they did not expect you to be understand.

Power is language & language is power. We need it for everything in life. Being able to be multilingual can mean more money it can come with a raise for being able to assist more than one language. But it can also be a negative effect for the fact if you have a deep accent that can bring a barrier. It will be frustration losing patient to be able to give correct information like in the reading. You are not going to be able to understand the other party across the desk, or over the phone. Struggling and hurdles that come with being a linguistic. For there are many Ebonics that some do not understand. In one language more than one can be spoken in one time. As for me in my husband’s family I speak Spanglish to his mom for there are some words I don’t not know in Spanish but I do in English so I say them and continue in Spanish. For this doesn’t not only help me practice but it also helps his mom to better understand English as her second language. This is a positive for traveling and be able to help others. I have been in many situations were someone is speaking Spanish and the other person is struggling to see what they need help with. As I step in to help the situation and utilize the power, I have in talking Spanish. I think it’s a privileged to be able to understand a different language.

One of the Ted talks he spoke to. Everyone who could relate to something stand up. In reality we all are part of more than one group. We have groups inside of groups. So, we are all have something in common. Everyone that goes to school is presented with the opportunity’s in school to pick and take a language to learn from elementary all the way up to high school. It is up to us to have the drive and power of language either to grow and be multilingual or to be basic and stick to one. Bettering yourself with more power will only make you a stronger person. It will open better careers and paths more choices to choose from.

In my journey being a twenty-six-year-old. Hispanic woman. I have the power to be the best version of myself and reach and strive for more. To be the best I can be. I have seen that you are treated different in both way knowing and speaking different. Or In the way you speak or spoken to can be an effect on how someone treats you. I have always had a unknown thoughts on what makes people over the board less than what I am. What make them think I am better than them for where I am born? We all are children of god so for that we all are related. We all are united.

Mother Tongue by Amy Tan




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Mariah Fisher

Mariah Fisher

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