Use of Pastel Colors in Web Design Projects

Even when visitors skim a website’s home page for the first time, the colors influence their attitude towards the content. Hence, colors are a powerful tool in web design as they definitely draw attention if used wisely and can stir emotions.

Right choice of less dominant colors for your web design, can create a welcoming effect on your visitors. Yes, we are talking about Pastel colours for your web design. Pastel colours are called soft, neutral, soothing, milky, hazy, washed out, desaturated, etc. They are never bold, they look soft and they’re easy on the eye and is great to create a sense of calmness, relaxation or ease. If those emotions are words that describe your site or business, a pastel color palette might be the right option.

At the same time, astels don’t have to have the newborn baby or feminine feel to them. Lightness, softness is undoubtedly feminine characteristics that perfectly work for websites with women as a target audience. However, it doesn’t mean that web designs for other business, design agencies; personal pages etc don’t make use of these well-balanced colors. These can be quite bold when paired with other elements in the proper way. It requires skills to get the right balance between colors and tones.

For flat designs

Not going with any trend, but should say that pastels work well wonderfully with flat designs.

Can be used in backgrounds

A pastel background can be a great way to use a lot of color without overwhelming users. The single color creates a strong visual and contrasts beautifully with white text elements or it can also be used to enhance the photographic images.

Can be used for fonts

Not just for images and backgrounds, but pastel can also be applied for fonts. It will be good to use pastels on bold typography against a more stark background. It will be more suitable for highlighted texts rather than for bunch of words making a paragraph.

Pastel for Navigation

Pastel can be tried on navigation tools too. Usually, designers frame websites with black or white borders for navigation but color can work in this space as well.

Wherever you apply pastel color is not the matter, instead main point is the result you have achieved — elegant, fresh and polished look of the site and make sure not to have a washed out feel.

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