Can I make a website now?

For my EID100 class, one of the modules was to try codecademy ( and I must say, I really enjoyed doing it!

Signup is free and they teach you basics of coding by going step by step. I find the process very easy to understand as it gives you very detailed instructions and it wouldn’t let you go to the next step unless you coded right. You also earn badges whenever you accomplish a goal or finish a lesson—which gives the user an even higher sense of pride (I’m sure that’s not just me). Seen below are some of what I’ve earned! :)

Users also have the choice to upgrade to Pro for $19.99 per month. (but I don’t think I’ll go that route) Codecademy Pro offers a personalized learning plan, access to quizzes (you can do a trial for free!), real world projects, and live help from advisors. For more information visit this LINK.

I doubt I can build my own website from what I’ve learned so far, but I’m very eager to keep going. You should give it a try too!

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