Digital Innovation Hub: Toronto Public Library

From Torontoist; Photo by Andrew Louis (

When a library is mentioned, a basic few things come to mind: books, research, photos, studying. But since 2014, the Toronto Reference Library has had digital innovation hubs available to the public.

These hubs are located in three locations: Toronto Reference Library, Fort York, and the Scarborough Civic Centre. They offer the following:


  • 3D Printing classes: One is an intro to 3D design, and 3D Printer Certification (you will need this if you wish to use the 3D printers)
  • Photoshop and Web design classes: All are offered monthly.
  • Intro to Green Screen Studio space and iMovie for beginners


  • 3D Design and Printing
  • Recording studio
  • In-branch equipment ready to borrow and use.

The library encourages the use of these equipments — though not noticed by a lot of students. (and if so, they only have very limited amount of equipment) As Toronto is ranked one of the highest cities for innovation, the use for these spaces should be maximized and expanded to further locations.

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