I’m being tracked?

The option of unsubscribing to marketing e-mails is much easier now than how it was a few years ago because of established privacy laws. I’ve personally learned to limit my e-mails and subscriptions to shops/companies that I’m interested in and I know I’ll be benefitting from.

I downloaded this Google Extension called UglyEmail which when installed, shows you if your e-mail is being tracked. As you can see below, SPC card, CIBC, Polyvore and David’s Tea are the very few e-mails that have the eye which indicates tracking.

But tracking in marketing e-mails isn’t exactly a bad thing. It helps the businesses deliver better customer service by studying their subscribers’ e-mail activity. Below is a summary of HubSpot’s 6 E-mail Marketing Metrics:

  1. Clickthrough rate: The percentage of email recipients who clicked on one or more links contained in a given email.
  2. Conversion rate: The percentage of email recipients who clicked on a link within an email and completed a desired action, such as filling out a lead generation form or purchasing a product.
  3. Bounce rate: The percentage of your total emails sent that could not be successfully delivered to the recipient’s inbox.
  4. List growth rate: The rate at which your email list is growing.
  5. E-mail Sharing/Forwarding rate: The percentage of email recipients who clicked on a “share this” button to post email content to a social network, and/or who clicked on a “forward to a friend” button.
  6. Overall ROI: The overall return on investment for your email campaigns. In other words, total revenue divided by total spend.

For more information, visit click this LINK.

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