Drywall and Sentiment


Regardless of the initial thoughts the word gives us, our lives are spent around the concept; Paying for, creating, or finding one. A physical space, or someone to come home to. Even finding a state of being that allows us to own our bodies as home. Some of us miss home, having struck out and not found a new one quite yet. Our innate desire to find somewhere to belong; where the emotional welcome mat is always out, and the vacancy light left on.

But most initially consider the word ‘home’ to be associated with the fabric and frame. The walls, windows and doors we surround ourselves by in order to find the more emotionally satisfying homes. We forget the drywall is just a tool to hang evidence of our true homes we make upon, nail by nail.

Moving has been, currently is, and will continue to be a process of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. I’ve been moving on from, reclaiming, and making new homes for months now, but I still have much to do in all of them. And while the physical work may seem the most exhaustive, it’s the sentimentality of the work that’s satisfying. With each sealed box carried out, a weight lifted within. A physical representation of the emotional baggage we sort through in a transition and choose to either keep with us on the miles to a new home or let go of along the way.

In truth, I think everyone has many homes, of drywall and of sentiment. I have a physical, empty home 4 miles away; another 27 miles away that I left years ago, but still call home. I have an emotional home over 2,000 miles from me, and am seemingly moving into another just 86 miles away.

I’m not really sure there’s a point to this; to reconciling my thoughts on moving and moving on via a longwinded and somewhat archaic message to myself. An ode to homes.

Maybe this is just another nail in the wall of a digital home.

But if so, welcome.


Originally published at thecuriousmillennial.wordpress.com on March 16, 2017.

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