My Greece Trip

Hello! Welcome to my little blog for my Greece trip coming up in July.

If you are reading this, it is because you have contributed to my trip and I would like to keep you updated on my funding, preparations and eventually, I will share the experiences and photos from my trip. Please follow along if you would like!

As this is the first email, I would like to update you on the current happenings of my trip. So far, I have raised about $1,500! I want to thank you so so much for your contributions. I am so close to my goal, but I still have a bit more to raise.

I have purchased my flights and I just received my passport today — Woohoo! It is really starting to set in that I will be going to Greece in just 3 months!!

I am very excited and hopeful. Please continue to pray for me and my team as we prepare our hearts for this incredible opportunity ahead.

With love,


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