Immigration Is Now A Top Issue for Millennial Women
Skimm Studies

Let me start by saying that everything I’m about to write comes from a place of love. I have a background in market research and I’m concerned that your survey is misleading. Even though your selected base is Millennial, it doesn’t sound like you’ve balanced the data to be representative of the larger Millennial population. Because of that, The reporting should read “among Millennial Skimm readers…” Off the top of my head I can tell you that your Millennial readers make substantially more than the average Millennial. They are also more likely to be highly educated and in professional fields. We’ve seen a lot of numbers thrown around from polling companies lately and the numbers never seem to agree. Part of this is due to bases that aren’t truly representative of the U.S. population. I’m pointing this out because I enjoy reading theSkimm every morning and I want to make sure that the insights you provide are above reproach.

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