Social media curation and scheduling tools

The tools I found most useful in the running of my social media page.

I have researched many tools to assist me with running my social media channels, from making posting easier and less time consuming to finding the right content to publish.

The best scheduling tool I found, and used, is buffer. I mentioned my use of this tool in my previous blog post about scheduling tools, alongside a how-to for buffer. Buffer will schedule posts for multiple social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

I couldn’t pick between my favourite curation tools so I’ll talk about them both: Feedly and Pinterest
Feedly as a curation tool assists you in unique content creation, you are able to stay up to date with the latest conversations in your industry as well as view all relevant blogs and content. I used this tool to stimulate ideas for upcoming content as well as keeping myself up to date with the latest trending topics.
Pinterest similarly, is useful for keeping up to date with celebs, icons and the latest trends in your field. This is a great tool hence why I’m using it to market my social media channel. The main difference between these two tools is that Feedly runs on text content whilst Pinterest is photo-based.

Another handy tool I used which is neither a scheduling nor curation tool, is IFTTT (if this, then that). IFTTT is a software that allows you to connect two of your apps to make your life easier e.g. connecting your weather and email app so you receive an email whenever it’s going to rain. I connected my Instagram account and my Pintrest account so whenever I post on my Instagram page, it automatically adds this post to a Pin Board on my Pinterest account.