Starting University for the second time.

Yes, I changed my University course after an entire year.

So I guess you could say my starting point to University 2018 isn’t the typical one. I don’t live on campus. I didn’t catch freshers flu (thank you Jesus). I already understand that no one wants to chit-chat outside 9am lectures. And finally, I already own 5 different cutlery sets. But here I am again, so here’s what I’ve learned the second time around…

  1. It’s okay to struggle. I mean sure the word ‘struggle’ should be in the definition of ‘University’ but, it’s okay to search for help and advice, even when you think it might mean changing your course entirely a year and 5 weeks into University.
  2. No one ever gets the hang of referencing. Ever.
  3. Making friends with your professors and your course goers is important. Whether you need a study buddy or genuine advice, the skill of building important relationships will help you not just in your University career but throughout life.
  4. Balance is the key to success
    Balancing your social life, academic life, work life and personal life is very difficult. Your friends are important, but so are your grades, but so is your income, but so is your wellbeing. It can get too much. Figuring out a healthy balance between everything is difficult, but worth it.
  5. Make the most of every single opportunity you possibly can. First year only happens once (or twice in my case).
    In my first first year I took the greatest leap in doing my Placement abroad. I travelled alone to Madrid for two months and had one of the most beautiful experiences. I plan on continuing to step out of my comfort zone to get the most from my University experience and you should too.

I learnt plenty more along the way but I won’t spoil all the lessons, some you just have to learn yourself.