Unsure how to grow your Instagram?

Understanding how using metadata can boost your account.

Metadata is data that ‘describes and gives information about other data’. In reference to Instagram this would mean hashtags, location tags, account tags, likes, comments, follows etc.

The easiest and most common way to grow your instagram engagement is by hashtagging. The hashtags you include on your post (don’t include more than 30 or you will be Shadowbanned), will enable people who search the hashtags to view your posts and engage with your page, as long as your account isn’t on private. So make sure they’re relevant. For example a travel blogger would probably hashtag #travel #newcity #thebeach #travelgram etc. to engage other people interested in travel and essentially grow their travel-crazed followers.

“high angle photo of person holding turned on smartphone with tall buildings background” by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Location tagging is another great way of engaging other Instagram users either in your area or who share the same hobbies. Whilst uploading a photo to Instagram you have the option to tag your location e.g. Slug and Lettuce Cocktail Bar.
You can search for locations the same way you can search for users and hashtags. You can view people who upload in the same locations and follow / interact with their online presence too!

My favourite way of increasing engagement on Instagram is to simply like like like!!! Take advantage of the explore page. The explore page showcases photos and videos uploaded by people you don’t currently follow BUT all of the content on your explore page is specific to you! What you can see is based on what you currently like and who you currently follow or engage with. Once your own engagement starts to grow it’s highly possible you’ll appear on other users’ explore page too so make sure your uploads are often and eye-catching!

Example of an instagram explore page

Happy Instagram growing!