DFSC#12 Volunteering and Playhouses

This week Katie and I started coming up with plans of what we will finish out our farming project with. We’ve decided to pursue one of our original ideas of creating a playhouse for toddlers and pre-k kids that encourages farming as a public service career. The playhouse will have four different sides; one side is a farm, one a hospital, one a schoolhouse, and the last is a firehouse. We’re planning on mocking it up full size as well. I’m very excited!

Also this week we went to the free store to volunteer. The free store is a store here in Columbus that gives clothes to those in need for free. How it works is people que up and get a number, and then a set of numbers is called for who can go into the store. People have 20 minutes to pick out all that they want and check out. They get everything for free. I really liked it there. I got to meet and talk to a lot of interesting people. My main two jobs were walking the floor and sorting new donations in the back. I enjoyed walking the floor the most because then I got to talk to people. I helped this little girl who bought a race track out to her mom’s car with it. She and her mom were so sweet.

I loved the volunteer trip. I don’t really take the time to volunteer to often because I tell myself I don’t have the time for it. But I should make the time for it. It is what I love to do. I have recently been thinking of doing something with my degree to help people like the free store does. Working with people and learning their stories and needs is what I love doing.