DFSC Final Blog Post

Today was the day that everyone in class was about to present our research and projects to the public. We hung up our research and talked to people “science fair” style. Katie and I were able to talk to many people about our project and what we hoped it meant to them and what it meant to us.

For people who came and viewed our project and asked us questions, I hope that you were able to gain a new grain of awareness, a new thought to chew on, maybe even a new cause to act for. I hope my project about encouraging farming as a career path caused you to go home and do some research yourself. I hope you saw all the problems, all of the sadness, and all of the hungry mouths that I did when I began this project. I hope it will cause you to spark discussions, reach out to those in need, and maybe even get to the root of a real problem.

And for myself, I loved this class. It is refreshing and amazing to me what I can do with my degree. It is incredible to see not only from my project, but other projects as well, as far reaching design can be and what it can accomplish. I do wish Katie and I had more time to do this project, and that people would have responded to our emails, but I am still pleased with what we created. I would love to continue working with the topic in the future, seeing as the problem of Food and World Hunger is one of my main reasons to be in design. And especially to have this experience with design and see this side as a Sophomore is great for me. Now I know how much farther the limits can be pushed. Now I know how far my problem solving can go. This class taught me a new way to think that I will use for the rest of my life.