We don’t need to know it all

The last few month I have received more than one hundreds newsletter and I didn’t plan to delete any of them because I needed to check them all, at the same I had to read time fifty article about Brexit, follow the US presidential race even though I’m not an US citizen or actually care, know what’s coming to nexflix when I don’t have an account, read about things I can’t afford or aren’t available in my country, listen to the forty podcast episode I’ve download, see all the daily stories in my snapchat, follow GOT although I don’t see the show and know all the news about my favorite authors and musician over reading and listening what the I’ve made.

I’ve realized that I have a problem, although I know I have an information overload a part of me keeps seeking more things I supposedly have to know, my need to know it all is making me tired and I’m not doing anything, just spending hours reading, but never helping, sharing or actually engaging in something I care about.

After listening to the Note to Self podcast specifically the Infomagical* chapter, I’ve come to peace with the fact that I don’t need to know it all, that all the information I’ve been gathering isn’t really helping me but making me unproductive. I want to write more I have a goal to get something published in RookieMag but I haven’t write anything for that, I wanna build an app but I haven’t start brainstorming about it, I want to help in a non-profit but I don’t haven't go out of my house and seek for one.

I’ve been filling my brain with information that really doesn’t matter, with thing that doesn’t bring me closer to the thing I want to achieve; that’s why I have decided to not let information overload me, I’ll consume news and the news won’t consume me. I started to do four simple thing to free my brain for so much stuff I don’t plan to ever use:

1. Goodbye Facebook

I hadn’t deleted my facebook account, I see the value of facebook the connections to my family and friend that’s nice. But I deleted the facebook app from my phone, I spended almost three hours a day seen videos and reading articles I found on the app and actually I don’t like using facebook the computer or the browser so I’ve reduced my daily facebook time to less than thirty minutes a day.

2. Delete more

I’ve realized that if that newsletter has more than two weeks in my email I’ll never going to read it, so I deleted. I’ve unsubscribe this moth to fourteen newsletters and resisted the need to suscribe to more, I’ve deleted a bunch of podcasts episodes I knew I was not going to listen, I deleted that game I was checking every hour and put off my Instagram and Twitter notifications.

3. Block Sites that I know waste my time

I found this really cool chrome extension BlockSite, that helps me not go to site like popsugar and buzzfeed, and talking about buzzfeed I have unfollow them from anysocial media the are the biggest click baite and I’ve never gain anything by reading their articles.

4. Be in peace with knowing less

I’m curious by nature and I love learning new stuff, so this anxiety to know more has been my mayor issue to overcome, this is probably the hardest step because isn’t practical but I’ve been trying to be aware of what I’m reading and why I’m doing it and closing that article about a topic I don’t care or stop watching the show I no longer enjoy.

Lost time is never found again. — Benjamin Franklin

If I what I’m doing is not going to make me better or is making me happy, I’ll stop doing it.