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Maria Johnsen
Feb 1 · 5 min read

Films have a greater impact on human’s mental consciousness, unlike any other art. It holds power to impose an emotional instability in human minds. This is why it said that movie making is more about imagining and observing. Now in this century, Filmmaking isn’t just about the screenplay, script, and all. It comprises a lot of many other factors. However, successful film promotion is merely about the Film marketing strategies related to that.

What is Film Marketing?

A crucial part of a film’s success is how well it has marketed. And people wouldn’t know a film exists without marketing. However, when a film goes into production, it needs to be advertised like any other product and get an audience excited to see it.

Many people believe that the success of a film is all about how well it runs in theaters. Well, I would like to say, Film marketing is all about driving the desired audience unto the theaters. It is sometimes called press junket or film junket. Film marketing consists of different elements such as advertising, press releases, media involvements, interviews, and most prominently Social Medias nowadays.

It is no longer about Outdoor, Television, and Print.

This is even more like enlightenment for every filmmaker these days. Back then, an efficient Film marketing technique or strategy was all about the prints, television, and all. But now it has changed, because, to reach the audience you need to find them at first. Today, it is all about the internet. You better go online, you need to see more people as simple as that.

Film Marketing strategies went digital

Well, it is not a big surprise factor that film industries have adopted Digital Marketing techniques as a part of well-structured film Marketing Strategies. Movie studios are moving beyond the typical methods such as trailers, teasers, and a lot more by conducting Google hangouts with the crew, contests, live streaming music launches, and so on. And the most exciting fact is that the spend on Film marketing Digital strategies has risen immensely or enormously these years. However,

I do believe there are three major stages in a successful film marketing strategy, introducing, involving, and interacting. Digital Media also has involvement in all these three stages, yes! Indeed great commitment.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for an Effective Film Marketing Strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) as an overall term for all the efforts and works we’re investing on to the promotion of any products/services aren’t negligible. Moreover, unlike any other Digital marketing campaigns, film marketing deserves more conviction as well as perception, even in its promotional campaigns. There are many factors involved concerned in this ranging from keywords to social media.

How Social Media Network (SMN) Influence the Way Movies are Marketed?

As a part of Digital marketing technique or strategy, social media has become one of the “behind the change” reason, as films can gain a tremendous amount of buzz via it. It means, there is no longer need to rely on official adverts and reviews to know about the latest releases.

The following is a quick review of a few film marketing strategies concerning social media.

Leaked Images: Even though this seems to be an outdated technique, but it still works. This type of methods is used possibly for the promotion of superhero movies. Furthermore, the theory behind this tactic is that the movie producers will generate some great excitement, years before the release of their films via leaked images. As the photos wouldn’t reveal much more about the characters and movie, yet will create a massive amount of online chatter and publicity.

Visual Micro Content: I would say, this is more like an emotional way of marketing. A movie called “If I stay” currently actualize and implement this film marketing idea very successfully. The first step towards this type of campaign is always targeting or focusing the right social media platforms, and then generating visual micro-content suitable for the platform. Moreso, sharing the banners, posting the behind the scenes pictures are also useful.

Content Marketing Campaign: Content is always , and it is definite that it’ll bring some results to you. However, once again it’s more related to social media channels. Even if a film marketing strategy is all about the kind of film to which we’re dealing with, content is always helpful. Also, one can try local news stations, discussion boards and more along with Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and so.

Video Marketing: So much familiar, very useful, this is how one could interpret the role or part of video marketing, film marketing strategies. No matter what, we’re ready to take chances on some products that we haven’t seen or tested correctly, this is why the trailers are essential. It gives an initial impression, and it is a proven success. And also, I recommend seeing your trailer video initially via your official website, which enables the audience to make more interaction through your Social Media Network.

Social Competitions and Quizzes: It’ll become a gross disaster if you believe that the introduction part is enough. The fact is that you’ll miss the entire party. However, interaction is significant especially, when coming to Film marketing. It may not be the most innovative thing you can do to develop or improve the engagement, but it can be effective at times.

Persona Marketing: Your film will undoubtedly have some interesting character that the audience could connect with, in one way or another. Additionally, many Film marketing campaigns have already played on the audience’s emotions for specific fictional characters by developing a persona around those characters on social media. A well actual or Perfect example for this is the Ted character in the Twitter. With almost 8 lakh followers, Ted started posting some funny comments, in fact, which brought some unexpected results.

Alternate reality games: A deep Film marketing strategy and slightly more complicated is ARGs (Alternate Reality Games). It develops a fictional world that the users in the real world may interplay or interact with by using online communities. Alternate Reality Games is a beautiful way to get your movie audiences involved and thereby building ‘brand loyalty.

Make use of Memes and Other UGC Forms: This is also more like a mutual beneficial Film marketing strategy. Memes are offering a tremendous marketing opportunity, in such a way that your audience will make some highly shareable content that conclusively benefits your film promotional strategies. Moreover, the benefit or advantage of using memes is that they are easily and merely customizable as well as quick to produce. Another feasible strategy is to use fan art, caption contests, or any other effective user-generated content tactics.

Google AdWords for the more Targeted Outcome: Every day, millions and millions of movie-related searches are in Google. I want to say, the quickest way to reach those people is always Google AdWords. And even if it’s not much of a cost-effective way, it an option for those who care about reaching more targeted audiences.

Final Thoughts

How much impact can it impose on humanity or How powerful the visual media is? The best answer to this question is always about how well it reaches the people. And Film marketing is the lodestar or beacon that leads to this destination.

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Global Multilingual Digital Marketing A.I & Fintech Influencer, Film producer, director, screenwriter,👍Linguist & Author

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