Things I’d Tell My 14 Year Old Self

I strongly believe there’s an age of “awakening”. I don’t mean to sound spiritual or zen-ish but i’ve always felt this is true, whether it is in fact true or not is a different matter.

14 is that age for me. At 14 i felt “awake”, alive, the endless possibilities life presented were so real to me. I felt indestructible, confident, ready to take on the world. Honestly, in retrospect i realize i was incredibly mature for my age, just not as mature as i thought i was. Some levels of maturity unfortunately have to come with experience.

  1. You will constantly change

I don’t think i really understood this. I saw myself as a static entity, growing older no doubt, what i didn’t realize is that i saw myself aging, not necessarily being more mature. I had defined my current maturity as my peak. Maria, you will change, you will hate things you now like. You will not believe certain things you said and did, you will laugh at yourself at how naive you are. Things that make sense to you now, will later not make any sense. But that’s okay, these experiences made you grow to become who you are now.

2. Your decisions will stay with you long after you’ve made them

Because you’re 14 doesn’t mean whatever decisions you make are stuck at that age, no, no, Maria. At 25, you will remember your 14 year old self and the decisions you made. You will be proud of some and others not so much. Don’t forget that you are accountable to not just your future self for your current decisions, but also other people as well. (Your partner, children, mentees)

3. Your timelines were overtly optimistic (they may still be, btw)

You are one ambitious little madame and i love that about us, but whoa your timelines were very optimistic. You will achieve some of your dreams, others, you changed your mind along the way. (See 1 above). But, brace up, they all don’t happen exactly how and when you imagined. Some took longer, some were much harder. But guess what, your resolution takes you through it all, don’t forget that.

4. Sometimes, how you “feel” is overrated

I know, i know, you are a burst of hormones, you are a passionate little gem, you. I know. But how you feel, you will realize over time is overrated. There are times things will need to be done and how you feel will be the least considered thing. Your resolution and your will on the other hand will take you farther. You will feel many things Maria, but not all of them are to be considered in what you actually do. Remember, feelings are transient, but no hurry, you will eventually learn this.

5. What you need is greater than what you want

Life will give you more of what you need not what you want. Go on your knees and thank God for this. Sometimes what you want is terribly bad for you. Love what you need, and it will become what you constantly want.

6. You are different, embrace it

Your unique world view is a rare gem, do not be embarrassed because of it, embrace it and wield it. It will help you see things many people are naturally blind to.

There’s more, so much more but this is all i can remember for now. Know what? Even without this i’m sure you’d do fine. You always trusted your instincts. Keep trusting it, it won’t lead you astray.

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