The DIY Guide to Getting your Dream Kitchen

Interior Design by Wamhoff Design Build found on Houzz

My client shows me this photo and tells me it’s her dream kitchen. The countertops are Sienna Beige Granite and the cabinets are painted HC-45 Shaker Beige.

I said, first of all, there is no way those cabinets are shaker beige, have you seen that colour? It’s not white at all, it’s actually a mid-tone beige with a slight pink undertone.


And second, do you have a designer holding your hand throughout this new build who will make sure you get the slab that you want which will give you the look and feel of this kitchen?


And any design help you’re getting is this one hour virtual consultation with me? (She’s in Oklahoma and I’m in Vancouver).


Then you cannot have this designer kitchen with the blown out cabinets which are in fact not beige at all, but actually off-white. Do you want a beige kitchen or a white kitchen?


Okay, then I’ll just choose the white that looks like these cabinets. Next, go to google right now and type in a search for ‘Sienna Beige Granite’ and tell me which one of the slabs you would choose?

Umm, well none of them look like the granite in that kitchen I love.

Exactly. And that’s how most of them will look in the granite yard as well, but if you’re still stuck on the image of this kitchen, you will do the best you can, and the chances will be very high that you will be unhappy with your kitchen in the end because I can guarantee it won’t end up looking like this!

So here’s the bottom line, if you are choosing and managing everything yourself, this is where you need to live in the realm of safe choices. Period. If you start moving into the realm of exciting and super trendy choices on your own, you’ll most likely end up with a kitchen with a mix of neutral undertones that looked like you tried to coordinate them and missed, or worse, granite countertops that look like a lizard has just arrived and is never going away.

After that, we moved on to talk about quartz and shades of white. Because choosing a quartz countertop will give you control over the final look of your kitchen where a patterned, bossy granite will not.

And then you choose the correct white to coordinate with your countertops, and voila, it will look like you got it right, because you did.

Boring equals timeless, almost every time, without fail.

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