If you think women in tech is just a pipeline problem, you haven’t been paying attention
Rachel Thomas

As a m2f trans tech/startup entrepreneur these are really great points, a good checklist. Managers need to appreciate that enhancing the “feminine” characteristics at work will improve overall effectiveness, it’s unfortunate that so many men don’t have that skill and experience.

In my experience I’ve seen more problems recently in the more management and marketing oriented roles. On one hand a more “feminine” approach is needed, but it goes both ways and many women (imho) need to appreciate the more “male” oriented characteristics. and appreciate the men who have a balance between the two. I have seen many women who are way too quick to dismiss aggressive entrepreneurial thinking as too male and too offensive. (“male” traits are needed to compete in these markets, as well as “female” traits). These women tend to look down on such men. I understand that it brings up memories of bad experiences. But there probably should be training or some kind of counseling mechanism to help women appreciate, respect, and understand the male side and have balance on their end as well. It’s just too bad that the “male” has dominated things for way too long, but we all are changing that

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