Why Are Universities Failing Humanity?
Joe Brewer

I see no other alternative than citizens giving money to and being more involved with NGO’s like the Environmental Defense Fund. People spend so much time talking about elections, why won’t they spend more time with organized activist activities? (Probably because many of us have been brainwashed into thinking that we should spin our wheels with the election game which is a huge farce/distraction). And fixing the Educational System, don’t waste your time, it’s hopeless, we need something completely different.

I was an environmental lobbyist and I basically quit after my experience with the Hoover Institute at Stanford. For years I wanted to work with them, and I was working with Stanford on Electric Vehicle infrastructure and they asked me to keynote a conference on Electric Vehicles and the power grid for the Hoover Institute. They refused to let me speak about my topic which was comparing Electric Vehicles and Hybrids and their relationship to various possible US Energy Policies. They explained to me that their job is to raise money for VC’s (NOT the Think Tank “save the world” stuff that we naive people expect of them) — to them this was off-topic and too complicated. Money drives Universities, Think Tanks, and politics — 99.99%. You have to see it to believe it. Think of how bad it is, and then multiple it by 100. They have absolutely ZERO incentive to do what’s “right for the environment”, and despite what they say, they’re not even smart (or evolved) enough to realize the difference between actually “saving the environment” and fooling yourself into believing that you’re being effective, when in reality your real objective is to make money off the trend. History has shown that not even the smartest people are immune to delusion when money and/or power is involved.

And I was also the Valedictorian of my Carnegie Mellon University MBA program, and ran into similar problems. I asked for their assistance in dealing with my lobbying issues, and they had ZERO interest, even for the Valedictorian who was also involved in a lot of programs with the university. They wanted one thing only from their alumni — MONEY. They know nothing else. You get a lot of book smart people, but when it comes to reality, 99% of academics at ALL Universities, just don’t understand the real world, and although they care, they don’t care enough to break through their delusions, because their number one priority is to keep their world funded.

Of course we need Universities, but don’t give them too much credit. People need to not fall into the trap of wasting your time with institutions that are designed to make us spin our wheels with hopeless expectations — Universities, Politics, and Think Tanks. Good causes are only funded for 2 reasons, to find opportunities to make money, and to look good in the Public Arena (NOT to fix problems and follow up and make sure the programs in place are effective — that’s too much work)

The Internet is a double edge sword. Big Business, Marketing Organizations, Politicians, and the Russians are using it for negative means. We need to fight back and create new institutions (like they are) to battle them on the new ground. We have the capabilities, we have the numbers, we just need the focus. When I was a cybersecurity lobbyist we got lobbying money from Insurance companies who underwrote the cost of bad security. There is no such insurance company for the planet Earth, huge disasters will make insurance companies bankrupt or make them get money from the government (i.e. they won’t hire lobbyists because it’s not in their financial incentive to do so). Only we citizens can step up to the plate because we care about our children. We need to augment capitalism with social and environmental responsibility but we need to be smart about it.

Thanks Joe!

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