Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?
Emma Lindsay

I’m lucky, I was born in the US but grew up largely overseas and become largely immune to the onslaught of our advertising driven culture that is designed to destroy our core in order to control us and sell us stuff. However it hurt really bad resisting it because I was largely alone. Fortunately, we had a piano. That saved me.

I know it’s hard to believe that there are great men out there, but they are there, just unfortunately probably in the minority. Several things could be going on here:

  1. You’re in an environment where there are mostly douchbags
  2. You’re not good at saying no and walking away. (Porn and weed can help)
  3. You’re attracted to assholes and can’t help it
  4. You’re attracted to the drama and can’t help it
  5. You’re attracted to really good looking (or edgy, etc) guys and won’t date anybody else
  6. Or it’s a supply and demand thing, there just aren’t enough good guys to go around.

5 of 6 are about you/us. But I don’t believe the last one because i know plenty of great guys (in San Francisco) who are alone.

I personally believe that a lot of the frustration is that it’s hard to believe that most guys are such douchebags. I know, I use to be a guy and i didn’t like most of them even when I was a straight dude. I can readily walk away, because quite frankly I’m past the romance thing (sadly I just decided it’s not worth it), and can readily indulge in weed and kinky sex without blinking. I took that attitude because I knew my natural human tendencies were no match for our pop culture machine. It’s not up to me if romance falls my way, it’s up to the universe.

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