Livestreaming is destined to fail.

Stats show that video bytes and frivolous content “sells” unless it’s really well produced such as PBS show on YouTube or it’s somebody famous. For example, I re-edited a mediocre interview with a comedian that I posted on our channel that had like 10 hits, put the dick jokes right at the beginning and more substantive content at the end and we got a few thousand views, and the magic number…15% watched the whole thing. It’s always 15% for the long videos if it’s a good video.

So yes with live streaming you can’t edit it and it’s REALLY boring. However Facebook seems to be promoting it hard as it’s everywhere and perhaps makes people feel important. I wonder if it will last or any easy editing tools will work like automatically finding the best parts with the stats and suggesting the video bytes to use. Of course the Titan of advertising has a game plan with this, and it might including hooking people on their own ego and making them feel important…it appears to be working especially well on a whole generation of kids.

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