Feeling “Weird” is a Mandatory Part of Reaching Success
Melissa Chu

Thanks for the reminder to keep feeling weird! In my youth, I failed to follow up on opportunities because even thought my attitude was entrepreneurial and I saw many opportunities, I didn’t pursue things when people told me it was a bad idea (web browser, DVR). I grew up in a typical unhealthy environment where my parents were so worried about being different..they were sucked into the American Advertising machine along with everybody else (i.e. destroy people’s sense of themselves so you can sell them stuff).

And I have reminder of how important it is to be weird and be yourself almost every time I perform music. I typically do some crazy performances and take some big risks while performing — I still think at the time I’m doing it..ok maybe this is a bit much, it’s sloppy also and people probably don’t like it. And then I hear the cheers and still think “oh they’re just being nice”..and then people come up to me afterwards and tell me how much they liked it..being unique and raw, etc.

No matter how experienced we are, we need to keep being reminded to be weird and be ourselves…we need to be deprogrammed!

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