This is Why Facebook Is Treating Us As Fools
Jeff Bullas

We are mainlining the Devil. Regardless of the Metrics (even a 1 second view means somebody saw it which is impressive when it’s millions for some stupid video), how did they see it in the first place instead of other much better content?

Because Facebook decides to create “viral videos” by CHOOSING certain videos for display in the newsfeed (and YouTube in the pane in the right and front page). This accomplishes:

  1. Young ignorant people think they can go viral too and spend more time on Facebook and YouTube creating their own video in the hopes of becoming a star. Don’t bother with connecting with friends, reading, learning to play the piano, studying something interesting, having hobbies
  2. It creates buzz and excitement
  3. It trains and brainwashes the population to becoming nothing but numbers of eyeballs and wallets to control and suck money out of
  4. It dumbs down the population to do more of the same, making them easier to control and less likely to engage in dangerous activity like become effective activists, help with causes and discuss issues intelligently and with mutual respect
  5. Advertisers see the potential, especially if those dumb vacuous videos appeal to their favorite market segments, 10–30 year olds (who’s tastes are more homogenous than more mature folks, and who seek more validation that they’re cool and trendy)

The secret sauce is

  • Optimizing the choice of which videos have the best potential to achieve these objectives and keep people hooked and hook more people.
  • Nudging the feed just enough to start a viral chain reaction without making it obvious that what they are doing is unethical and probably borderline illegal

These sorts of things have been around in the old days of the dominance of broadcast TV, but today they’re more nefarious and dangerous as witnessed by the concentration of 75% of online advertising in two companies..drum roll…Facebook and Google/YouTube/Alphabet

So you end up with a huge slice of the population being controlled not only by two companies, but by a handful of people Worldwide, instead of by hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of people.

In this environment, it’s hard to get people to DIRECTLY subscribe to independent and local websites and feeds which would provide an alternative to being connected to the devil.

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