In 2019, the trend of emotional experiences is gaining momentum. More and more designers are integrating the emotional component into mobile interfaces. That makes the user experience more engaging and enjoyable. And the most popular way to express emotions in digital communications — emojis.

Emoji — the best way to connect with your user 🤗

Emoji transforms today’s digital communication. Instagram study says that emojis increasingly push text out of our messages.

Every day every developer has to make design decisions 👨‍🎨

Quite often developers have to make design decisions, even if you have a finished UI design in Figma, InVision etc. And yes, you can have a UI kit and UI guidelines, but sometimes it is not enough. Especially when you don’t have a detailed design system (a common thing in custom development). And when you need to adapt a design to small devices, or you need to design some empty states, or client wants to make changes right here and right now — for these cases you need to know some stuff will help you organize UI elements wisely.

The rules that are most often broken


Maria Kovalevich

Product Designer at

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