Gambia, Africa, joy

Colorful, both in skin color and wearing, in mind and living.
Personalities so cheerful as the society itself.
Spicy food on paper plats, simple but yet so precious. Laughter and lively conversations takes place.

There’s women with curve of math equations and its the colors of the world that they wear.
Drums creating a tempo that the dancers are forced to keep up with.
Their dancing fanscinate the observer and encourage one to approach the dancing area.
As one foot touch the ground the other is swung up in the air.
Plenty of waists are thrown around while hands moves to the echo’s of the drum. Jewelries in gold rattle, they increase the tempo of the music along with the cheering from the spectors standing near, clapping as they smille effortless.

A feeling of commitment, belonging. A moment of an issuless happiness lays in their hearts.
A african moment when it’s at its best if you ask me

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