Hi guys, weel i would like to share a little experience that i have lived with my team work student at Digital Campus of Montpellier in France. It was a huge challenge to draw for a first time a drawmylife challenge for my school based on the objective to draw “Digital Campus my city”. I realized that Drawmylife concept with the collaboration of my fellow students and I would like to retry the experience.

me designing drawmylife for the challenge school ;)

We shared a great time during the design and shape of drawmylife do. For my part, I only brought my designer talent to complete this beautiful project.

I would like to take up the challenge and now why not make drawmylife customized and based on specific and broad themes. I think this concept is very visually speaking. It can improve things in everyday life and provide innovative solutions by drawing and diagramming processes while inscrutant them into a story or recounting striking facts.

Let me explain, for example, can tell a story about some process, speaking on a subject such that the user experience. We can transcribe a user experience in a narrative and from this narration, drawing on the concept of drawmylife. This theme may take a specific title such as “drawmyexperience” and voila.

This idea has as main objective to understand something that seems difficult for us, to relay information through storytelling, to understand a concept, an idea, share knowledge or to create an interaction with a community to which the theme approached him is crucial.

The aims goals is to communicate with people in a different way to have a better understanding about a specific idea or theme. My actual skill is the draw and i would like to share a better and funniest communication with people who love visual effect.

They say his life, but also that of people (Harry Styles) and movie characters (Harry Potter, Superman, Amélie Poulain).
We can also tell of projects, tender, explain the operation of a service. Indeed, the design helps to explain complex processes, developments and concepts.

Therefore, these short formats inccreasingly interested companies, for internal or external communication. It is a concept that is simple, fast and easy. At a time when companies try to renew their communication, these videos may be the solution

Me on the chair and my collegue student working on DrawMyLife :)
The camera filming me during the cession ;)

You can screen the little movie of DrawMyLife here :)

Thanks so much to read this little, first and ambition article :)

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