Category: Health

Problem: Health care situation is alarming in Pakistan and that is due to unawareness of health care issues. We are not aware when the seasonal diseases like dengue virus, malaria, hepatitis, pneumonia, cholera etc are on the spread. The symptoms are left ignored as people are not aware of them thus resulting in loss of innocent lives due to negligence. Moreover even when people start the treatment to cure different diseases the doctors do not guide them thoroughly regarding the medicines the extra care needed for the patients due to the shortage of time they have.

Solution: In Pakistan most of the population are equipped with smart phones and this will aid in providing a solution to the problem mentioned. An app can be created which will provide a platform for the patients or concerned people who require information regarding different health related issues. This app can be used by people easily they can put up their symptoms and will get guidance regarding what the might be suffering from and what doctors are available in different hospitals with their visiting timings and other details. This would provide updates regarding diseases which are spreading and how people can take precautions to prevent from them. This can be an ultimate guide for the people to take care of themselves and people around with its aid.

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