“A common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.” – American Psychiatric Association

That definition doesn’t say anything. It doesn’t explain what it really is.

It isn’t just sadness. It’s darkness. Feeling like you’re trapped and you can’t get out. Struggling to find anything positive in your life. Having something good happen to you and believing you don’t deserve it. Crying without knowing why. Feeling like no one is actually there for you. Looking for motivation and not finding any. Seeing everything in black and white, even when you try not to. Not caring about anything. Not knowing what’s wrong… ‘cause everything seems to be. Feeling numb. Empty. Lonely. Useless. Like you’re drowning. In freezing-cold water. Thinking that nothing in the world will make you feel better. Or feel, at all. It’s the lack of emotion.

You can get over a feeling. But… Can you get over a lack of feelings?

And if you where wondering: Yeah, it does come with physical symptoms. Excesive sleep. Or insomnia. Fatigue. Appetite changes. Sometimes the mental pain is so intense and heavy that it turns into physical pain. And once in a while, it’s caused by you. In an attempt to distract yourself from the psychological insanity.

So don’t say “just be happy” to someone who’s depressed. It’s a condition, not a decision. And the only thing you can do to help is be there for them. Don’t treat them like you’re walking on eggshells though, that will only make it worse. Be yourselves around them. Support them. And finally, give them time.