Journey of Three Months !!

It’s a rare combination to learn new things and enjoy at its fullest at the very same time. It’s been a tremendous journey of three months that I have spent in Amal Fellowship. Ups and downs are the part of journey but what is greatest is that it ends well and it really did. It was a journey from being the shy one to the confident one, from being an English speaking hesitant to being fluent in English. It was a journey of massive transformation. Each session was totally leveled up. I have learnt so much from the fellowship that it can’t be explained into words. Apart from English speaking, communication skills what really challenged me is the work that you have to do in team. The interaction during activities was so great that each person has an equal chance to know other person.

Team work and team management is the greatest ability one can possess. It is not every one’s cup of tea to work in team. There were certain situations where I lost my temper and I felt bad but I had to keep quiet not to create an issue. It requires massive tolerance and one has to accept criticism as well to work in a team. Team work and team management is necessary as they say,

“If want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”

No one in the history has ever reached to the top upon his own, he had always the best team with them. That is why team work is the basic and most important quality to reach at the top. I am trying to be adjusting in whatever the situation will be.

I would love to thank Amal and our Program Manager and Program Associate for allowing us to be a part of this tremendous journey. Hope to stay connected always. :)