A tale of tales

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is wealth.

Since last December, I have read 5 books.

Lean in — Sheryl Sandberg

Zero to one — Peter Thiel

The underground railroad — Colson Whitehead

The black swan — current book

Made to stick — current book

So as a sharer of good things that I am. I will share some insights from those books and any more I read through the year. This is not a book review (note to future self). It will be a collection of insights, new ideas, mind openers and commentaries from applying them.

I used to love reading, when I was much younger. Voraciously, day and night. Then adulthood came, and reading fell by the way side.

Then it happened, I experienced a sort of knowledge drought that scared the bejesus out of me. It was dark and murky and disturbing.

To be a valuable commodity …or person, one has to have some expertise, use, some assured knowledge.

I had plenty. Then, I started to realise that, some of that had become polluted. I was in a box, feeding off my own patterns and words and experiences. Becoming so consumed with the day to day of execution and production and delivery.

I was in the business of learning without learning

Then I stepped out of that box, with some pretty major decision making. The most exciting of which was reviving my love of reading and thirst for knowledge.

P.s This is Nina Simone’s day! I will be sharing more music and poetry in future posts. :)

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