Holy fuck, this is a great day to run into this website for the first time ever. I kid you not, last night I had written a post on Facebook:

“I wish that there was a more legitimate medium that i could spew general thoughts about life and other things but I refuse to get LinkedIn”

I was not expecting someone to actually recommend a new medium, nor was i expecting the more legitimate medium to be called Medium. Medium is literally all I was wishing for, who knew that it actually existed.

Now I can spew those same thoughts in a place where the spewing of thoughts is encouraged.

Facebook can be a very good mind simulator if you organize it to be so. You have to let your news feed evolve into something positive and uplifting by liking pages that are keen to you liking's. The kinds of things that i see and read on my news feed range from enlightening to interesting to just horrible. Usually the things read up on that are substantial pieces of information have the tendency to linger in my mind. Which result in long rants expressing my thoughts. This approach, the Facebook rant approach, can be therapeutic in a way. You can get all your nonstop out into the public eye, getting that weight off your shoulders without having to worry about how people react- because its Facebook for Christs sake who gives a damn if someone disagrees with you and picks a fight about it. Besides, those kind of chicken fights only happen on posts that are seen and responded to by thousands of people with idiotic opinions on the issues.

Lo and Behold, there has been a website meant for that very tendency this whole time???? With a similar news feed like structure with a hint of Tumblr? Holy fuck is right. I have so much to say- and the idea of those thoughts being held prisoner in my own head makes a lobotomy have some appeal. Yet, giving those thoughts the possibly being seen and heard by people with like-minded ideologies is just…a dream come true for a budding adult coming to terms with the world.


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