Types of Law Firms in Dubai: Know Them before Choosing One

In Dubai, you can find law firms in a variety of shapes and sizes such as single-attorney law practice, multi-state law practice, and multi-staffed legal firms. Also, there’re some large and prestigious law firms in the city that deal with handling almost every legal challenge of small businesses, individuals and large corporations.

Here is brief information about these types of law firms you should know before choosing one.

Solo Law Firm

In solo law firms, there is only a single lawyer to run the firm. He or she usually handles general legal matters associated with many topics such as family matters, personal injury, and vehicle challan. However, the lawyer specializes in one particular area of law.

The lawyer working in this type of Dubai law firms generally outsources works to outside staff such as paralegals and legal experts to assist with specific tasks. Moreover, the lawyer in a solo law firm is not much experienced and does not have many resources. He or she also has limited access to fee-based legal resources and data

Small Law Firms

These law firms are also known as “boutique” law firms. These law firms usually have two to ten lawyers. They provide their attorneys with an opportunity to collaborate with other lawyers to deal with complicated matters. Since these law firms have the close-knit circle of lawyers, they often have the feel of a solo law firm.

Large Law Firms

Large law firms or “full-service” firms in Dubai have several dozens of experienced, skilled and talented lawyers and other employees. These firms are backed by thousands of qualified staffs that include paralegals, lawyers, administrative staff, librarians, human resource specialists, accountants, and other staff. The professionals exist in many different cities, states, and even countries.

Large law firms specialize in all fields of the law and have big legal departments. Their practice area includes criminal defense, litigation or transactional, corporate, finance, commercial, employment, bank and finance, real estate, health, education, media and entertainment, IT, debt collection, insurance, hospitality, and many others.


Knowing which law firms in Dubai to hire depends on some factors such as your finances, location, personal work preferences, and your specific legal challenge or need. So first understand your needs like why you need to find a law firm, and then choose one that can handle your legal matter. However, at a large law firm, you can get any mattered resolved unlike in a solo or small law firm.