OMI: source of sustenance

Marian Omidiji is the name…

If you haven’t already noticed, OMI are the first three letters of my last name. It is a Yoruba word (hailing from Nigeria, West Africa) meaning water.

The question then becomes, what is the link between the first three letters of my last name and the upcoming posts.

Well, Great Question!

Life cannot exist without water. Water is vital for cell & body regulation. It hydrates. It refreshes. And it sustains us!

And, simply put, I want my posts to be a type of sustenance, at the very least, for my readers. My hope is that readers will be dependent on it for weekly doses of passion-filled, transparent, discussions.

From book and music reviews, to heart-to-hearts, to news & (and what some may consider) nontraditional topics, I invite you all to follow me on this journey.

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