Euro- Pound Tourism

A different currency is always a crucial element with regard to the amount of money people are willing to spend when they go on holidays. I will now talk about the relationship between the English pound in relation to the rest of Europe in which the currency is the euro.

Since the economic crisis began, a few years ago, the euro has experienced a very huge deflation and for euro using countries, going on holidays to the UK is more expensive than ever. This fact has not only affected the UK in the amount of people who go there on holidays but, more importantly, in the amount of money these people are able to spend. Before the crisis, tourists to the UK looked for more expensive and luxurious accommodations. They may have looked for better locations in the city that they wanted to visit or sought out more comfortable hotels; nowadays however, the facilities known as hostels and bed and breakfast have experimented a huge increase in bookings. Another aspect of change is the one related to restaurants and pubs, nowadays not many people go to have lunch or dinner to a very luxurious restaurant or one of those with spectacular views as they usually have a price to match this luxury. They now go to a fast food restaurant in which they can eat for a substantially cheaper price. Also, some of the museums and spectacles such as theatres, musicals have observed that their amount of Europeans who go there has been reduced since the crisis.

The consequences of all of this is that, in the UK, some luxurious hotels are not fully booked and there is always a table available in a very luxurious restaurant in which you can go and spend more money. Some jobs are also being lost due to the fact that there is no need for the previous amount of staff in 4 and 5 stars restaurants. However, now is the time of the fast food restaurant and humble hostel in which they are hiring a lot of people.

Nowadays, the most common type of tourism is the one in which you spend the least amount of money possible. There are some great pack offers (or bundles) on the internet in which if you book a hostel, then, you get some discounts in fast food restaurants or coffee bars near them. It is true that there is also some luxury tourism but it is not the most common type of tourist that we see.

This type of tourism has always existed but the truth is that nowadays this trend is increasing because of the devaluation of the euro. Maybe, in the future, if the situation changes we will see other type of tourism, a more luxurious one, come back as the most common type of tourism.

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