Journal Entry 1

We have recently started our film project, which I was and am still really looking forward to our final film. When we first came up with the groups I was quite happy with the people i got to work with, until we wanted to come up with ideas. Some of the ideas that where given while trying to create a plot for our film where not what i imagined, the other members didn't love my ideas and we couldn't seem to come up with one idea that we all liked. Thankfully on Tuesday, March 14, we began to clearly explain different ideas each member of the group had, we found clips and drew pictures so our other peers could clearly understand the view that each individual had. What we ended up doing towards the end of that Tuesday was to combine all of our four ideas. One person wanted to have a scene from the clan, the other wanted to add in a detective, i wanted to add a pair of homeless siblings, and the fourth one wanted a plot twist. So by that night we all talked and came to a conclusion which we all loved.

When we all finally came to a conclusion, i was no longer worried about not having a positive and good result from my group. I realized, they where all understanding and also wanted to but in hard work into this project. We have now communicated the order the scenes would go in, what the different angles would look like, we decided to make the movie seem more realistic by using one of our parents as the detective, and we thought about the different places the scenes would be taken place in.

I am very happy with the idea we have all created and put together for our film. Even though i did not have a lot of faith for the group, I am now thrilled to be a part of it and i cannot wait to start filming!!

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