Letter to Young Sisters of Color: On Waking Up, Fighting The System, and Choosing Allies
Nzinga Alexis Mbande

Loved this so much as well as the embedded article from The Establishment. After seeing Son of Baldwin share your piece, I am compelled to stay on here more just to follow your words of wisdom and hope for us, so thank you. (Sorry, Latina here of European, indigenous, and African descent.) This is a wonderfully and succinctly explained breakdown of the perils of Whiteness and the oppressive systematic structures that uphold it. I’m embarrassed to say that as a 30 year old, I didn’t begin to wake up until my mid-20s. I’ve been feeling exhausted of anti-black/brown violence for quite some time and the constant cognitive dissonance perpetuated that white supremacy allows. I feel helpless most of the time. I’m also aware, that even as a brown Latina, that part of the labor that is key to intersectionality’s growth is for non-black folks of color to address anti-blackness in our respective communities. Kind of stating the obvious, I know, but Philando Castile, Nabra Nassenen, and Trayvon Martin were all called by Latino men. Lest we never forget. Thank you so much again. In solidarity in the lucha.

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