There’s a lot to be said about the things we believe in and how they propel us to take action.

Currently, 95% of what I do is led by the things I believe in or am passionate about. It has taken me a few years to be able to do this but I’m now a lot happier and able to invest my time in the things that are truly important to me. I do know this sounds like ‘a basic method’ of approaching life, but it really is not.

This post is about that. The things I believe in, the things I’m passionate about and how they have affected the way I live my life currently (which I’ll be writing more about in the future).

I kid you not, it has changed my life. I went through depression and it took a hell lot of time to get back up again. I fully believe that my attempts to try to have at least one positive thought everyday started to slowly change ‘my reality’. Whatever kind of magic happened around that time I don’t know… but it worked.

Because realistically… how fun can life be if you’re not excited by the thought of learning something new?

A big part of who we are today, after thousands of years of this beautiful evolutionary process, is because we shared knowledge and information with each other. Sometimes on purpose, other times by accident. Doesn’t matter, it works. So just share! Share the good stuff, the bad stuff, the constructive stuff.

And by this I mean… actively listening and thinking before speaking. How many times do we pretend to be listening to someone when we’re already thinking about what we’re going to reply back as soon as they finish? And how many times to we speak before thinking about the impact that our words will have? Communicate honestly, attentively and thoughtfully.

This is a tough one because it’s not something that comes naturally to me and I’m still in the early stages of learning how to do it. I’m not a patient person and having to take a deep breath, take a step back and just be a bit more patient is hard. However, I can not think of one single situation where being patient hasn’t paid off.

Focus on the important stuff and be ok with the fact that it might change as often as every two months. Four years ago I wanted a job that paid me enough to go travelling and seeing my friends more often. Two years ago (after getting the job) I actually just wanted to focus on doing well enough at work and travelling (which I did). This year, it’s about friends and family (might also include a cheeky trip here and there). Long story short, decide what you want to achieve, set up your goals and be unapologetic about pursuing what you want.

“Everything you want is waiting for you on the other side of consistency”. I’m pretty sure I read this in a fitness related blog and it just stuck. How much more true could this be? I don’t remember ever failing at anything that I didn’t consistently dedicated myself to. That includes exams at school, a sport or activity, diets, etc.

Anyone who has moved and lived in another country knows how important this is. It can obviously relate to a variety of situations in life but in my case, I’ve learnt a lot about how important adaptability is after moving to the UK and having lived here for almost 9 years. Having to adapt to a different culture, lifestyles and moving house and jobs on yearly basis has helped me to become a super adaptable person and someone who is prepared (and usually happy) to accept change.

And the last two….

This has got me in trouble a few times. The most recent one being when I simply laughed it off after falling down whilst hiking Pico, Azores. No one really believed I’d hurt myself because “if the finger was broken and I was in that much pain, I wouldn’t be laughing”. Well… my finger ended up being fractured in two places (oopsie). Apparently laughing is just something I do a lot, regardless of the situation I’m in. Life is tough. It throws us around in all kinds of directions without consent or any kind of concern regarding the outcomes. So keep laughing.

Be kind. Be kind to yourself, to others and approach different situations in a rational but kind way. It’s so simple, so easy and so underrated. For me, a big part of being kind applies to the small things we do on a daily basis. Just get out of the way if you see someone in a rush. Drop someone a text to check if they’re ok. Send a friend a soup via UberEats if they’re ill.

Why is this post important? I believe we should think about what our passions, values and beliefs are on a daily basis to avoid feeling lost or demotivated. I was tired of feeling lost, and it exhausted me to feel like I had to find bits of myself everyday so I decided it was time to conscientiously think about who I am and what I believe in, what I want to achieve, how and the possible impact I will have.

So…what do you believe in?