Why We Should All Take A Lesson From Baby Birds

Lately I’ve been fearful of the future due to a lack of confidence in my abilities. Being young in my career, I sometimes feel like I don’t know anything. Everyone else around me is smarter. Everyone else has more experience. Everyone else has a better education and training and network. Yuck. Even just typing out that negative self-talk is exhausting.

But yesterday, perhaps serendipitously, I saw a nest of baby birds. None of those birds have taken a college course or corporate training on how to fly. Yet somehow, without ever passing “Flying 101” or completing a “Ways to Effectively Fly” seminar, they’ll all end up in the sky. A minuscule bird who has never left his comfy nest has enough faith in his abilities to literally hurl himself out of a giant tree and trust that his wings will work. Woah.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Why can’t we all have that amount of trust in our abilities and future? Sure, those birds probably suck at flying with those tiny wings at first. They may eventually encounter a few cats, cars, or strong gusts of wind along their feathery journey. But every bird flyin’ high only got there by once confidently taking that first step — and guess what? They survived. They made it. They’re laughing at us from way up high and pooping on our dummy heads that are playing those self-deprecating talk tracks.

Who cares if I have less experience, education or skills yet? Birds don’t wait for the permission of professors, bosses or other birds to do their thing. Birds inherently just know their purpose is bigger than the nest, just as we know our purpose is probably greater than answering phones all day or crunching numbers into a computer at our entry level job. Instead of peering over the edge of our nests and worrying about a future of hungry cats and glass windows and rainstorms, let’s step into our futures with a little bit of good ol bird faith. (No ‘spread your wings and fly!’ cliché necessary).

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