What makes you happy makes you better

“There is no glory in not trying to be who you really desire to be, being is a project you construct everyday ”

Many ask themselves how to be happy and fulfilled, the answer is find/construct a life project!

But wait, how can we start a life project? It’s actually a very deep and philosophical question, but it all goes to who you are and who you want to be.

And how do we become what we want to be? Well, first you must think what matters for you, what are your values and your talents, what do you enjoy doing and learning from, what are you interested in, what do you think you need to give and share from yourself, such as your knowledge, experiences, discoveries and creations.

Then, you must figure out a plan to materialize all your thoughts. And that’s where it all begins. Search, analyze, compare, create, think, and make a plan to make it happen! That process will make you discover new opportunities, new hobbies, new people, new talents, so life and yourself will start making connections between them, unfolding a path for the project of your life. Answers and meaning will come once you begin acting.

Remember, life is about finding and constructing a project which will give your existence meaning, and by giving meaning, you will feel inspired, motivated, enthusiastic and energetic to continue the journey, growing your spirit and mind, improving your life’s reality, feeling confident and secure.

And it’s that fight, that endurance and perseverance to reach your goals and dreams what will make you feel satisfied and fulfilled, because what makes you happy makes you grow, as you are completing yourself, making your being better!!!

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