Challenge ourselves, describe our research as simple as possible… #MyRESEARCHforYOUTagChallenge

The story behind #MyResearchforYOUTagChallenge. This is my 1.5 hours short conversation with a taxi driver which inspired me to do this.

That moment have got me to the high spots of research condition in Indonesia, which are beyond public outreach.

That evening, on my way home, the taxi driver who took me, cracked the silence by asking me about why I was alone on that Saturday evening. I was dazed for a second with his question (what kind of question is that?! Why is he so curious about me? Is he planning something? something that I don’t want to think about?!). Hmm, I think he was just wondering why I was waiting for a taxi at the Ancol exit gate (that evening it was so difficult to get a taxi, so I took an initiative, the bizarre one, to wait in front of the the exit gate. Yeah, I got the taxi anyway).

“ I am curious about what our researchers are actually doing?.. Why there are no any significant progress for Indonesia?”- Asked the taxi driver to me.

That was the first question when he knew that I am a researcher (want to be) who desperately wanted to get home after an incidental duty on that Saturday evening. His question stunned me once again. With my limited knowledge, I explained why could be that happened. I explained it to him systematically (kind of) from the condition of research facility, research funding, research culture to the lack of experts in Indonesia.

For a second after I successfully spelt it out for him, my brain suddenly worked very hard. I guess there was no wrong with my explanation (but something wrong). The wrong thing is why he think the way that he think. I think there is a gap between science and him.Then in a seconds, a question just popped up in my brain. A question about his willingness to read the articles or watch a documentary about science and its research.

“Absolutely, It is pleasant to read and watch it. Particularly if the articles are everywhere and easy to understand, like some kind of Kompas article.. | Today is a social media era, you know the articles on Facebook.. Lord, It gets me a headache!”- Answered the taxi driver.

After hearing his answer, my brain worked very heavy once again so heavy that I let the taxi driver spin a yarn. While I was listening to his story about his family and children, my brain could not stop working, it was like something drilled my brain to work so heavy. Luckily, the taxi driver, a really nice taxi driver, was not giving me a care about my flat responses. Unfortunately, I reached my home thus the conversation was ended. But not ended for my head. I keep thinking of that conversation until I found the thing deeply inside my head.

“Tag challenge” is the thing in my mind that in my perception, it could help to bridge the gap. It could help the people like the taxi driver to engage with science.

That conversation hit me that maybe the taxi driver is not the only person who think that science and research has no any worthiness to their life.

That conversation hit me that I decided to write it here (with encouragement of my friends of course) and to start some kind of challenge. The challenge that could help to bridge the gap between science and public.

“Tag challenge” is the thing in my head that in my perception could answer that challenge. By this tag challenge, we can act together to inform about science to the public. By this tag challenge, we all together can shorten the gap and increase the public attention about science, so that they can engage with science. And hopefully, this can inspire more kids to be a researcher. Ultimately, this tag challenge could fasten the development of sciences and technologies.


Thus, I challenge all of us to tell a piece of our research for a week in FB and tag 3 to 5 of our friends to participate and continue this challenge.

There is no rule, there are only some things should get your attention that it should be a short post, use understandable language (not complicated), and try to make the post as popular as possible.

To participate on this tag challenge is easy, merely copy and paste these sentences below:

I was challenged by #PENELITIANKUtukKAMUTagChallenge #MyRESEARCHforYOUTagChallenge to post a piece of my research for a week and I challenge 3 to 5 of my friends (tag their names) to join me in participating in this tag challenge. With rules: short post, use understandable words, and try to make the post as popular as possible.

Detailed info about this challenge: IND version-Tantang dirimu, gambarkan risetmu sesimpel mungkin…; ENG version-Challenge ourselves, describe our research as simple as possible… #PENELITIANKUtukKAMUTagChallenge #MyRESEARCHforYOUTagChallenge